How to Add & View Club Members

What You Will Learn
Learn the methods of how you can add club members in the Wallet Admin Portal. Navigate and learn which process would be more likely applicable for your business to add your member list without any hassles.

Why You Should Learn This Process
From your club members area, you can add one member at a time or upload many members that you may already have from a pre-existing membership or loyalty program. If you have set up multiple membership tiers, this is also where you can assign your members to one of your membership tiers.

How To Add New Club Members & Review Existing Club Members

As discussed in the previous article about tier creation, once you have created tiers for your business, the next step is for you to register members.

You have 2 options to register members :


The first method is to manually add your members using the “Create New Club Member Area” it is where you are required to enter the details which are:

  • Membership Tier

  • Member ID

  • First & Last Name

  • Member points accrued

  • Mobile Number

This first option is best if you have a new registrant given that you have already a long list of members and you just want to add a new member.


The 2nd method is applicable if it is your first time setting up your wallet and if you already have a long list of customers to upload to Wallet then it is advisable to use the Bulk Upload Process.

On the top right-hand area you have a button that says Download Samples, it will give you the option to download a CSV file for you to fill up the required fields by Wallet in uploading in bulk.

Tier Number
Member ID
First and Last Name
Phone Number and Points which is similar to the required fields for manually logging a member.


Once you have already filled up the list of members and have the CSV file ready, then the next step is for you to upload the data to the wallet portal.

You can now click Upload and it will ask you to choose the file template that you have filled out.


And it will now then reflect your members in the member list in the wallet portal.

The next area is the club members area on the middle portion of this page.

If you do have a long list of members you can do a quick search using member I.D , first and last name or phone number.


This area shows you the details for each member uploaded with the required info, on the right-hand side across the member details, you’d be able to see the points preview, tier preview, history, and redemptions.

If you have the text messaging feature ON then you’d also be able to click the phone number area and it will direct you to the SMS feature of Wallet.