How to Create and Modify an Existing Ad Credit

What You Will Learn
Learn the features of adding credit, and understand how to create and modify Ad Credits.

Why You Should Learn Ad Credits
Ad Credits stands for Advertisement Credits, in a nutshell, it is your rewards being shared through your advertising campaigns in a form of a QR Code that you can post on your website or directly at your front desk. You can strategize using Ad Credits to gain more subscribers and reward your existing members using the Ad Credits function.

How to Create an Ad Credit

The Ad Credits preview function allows you to see what your customers will see when they scan to redeem offers placed in your advertisements.

  1. Click on Payments

  2. Click on ad Credits

  3. On the middle portion you would see Create New Advertisement Credit

  4. Fill out the items such as Title, Payment Design, and Maximum # of uses together with the Discount Value and the Type of Discount Value if in Percentage or Currency.

How to Modify an Existing Ad Credit

  1. Click on Payments.
  2. Click on Ad Credits
  3. Select an existing Ad Credit by clicking image
  4. Select the Ad Credit you wish to view or modify.

  1. You can then now modify any changes for the Ad Credit or Preview the selected item, Archive, Reset or Save Changes.


  1. Preview your Ad Credits.