How to Create Membership Tiers

Create One or Multiple Membership Tiers for Your Business

What You Will Learn
Learn how to create membership tiers in the Wallet Admin Portal. Understand how the membership tier feature works to use this as a powerful tool for your marketing strategies.

Introduction To Membership Tiers
The Membership Tiers page is where you can create a membership area for your business. This is also where you can add additional membership tiers.

Adding multiple membership tiers may allow you to highlight your most loyal customers that have the highest customer lifetime value (CLTV) to your business. You can engage, incentivize, and reward your customers accordingly!

Tip: Define as many tiers as you wish, with as many different percentage-based discounts as you need. The goal is to show your appreciation and motivate your loyal customers to make another purchase.

How to Add Tiers

  1. On the left-hand pane of the navigation menu you will see membership, left-click on it.

  2. You will see Tiers, this is the area wherein you can create your clubs’ tiers.

  3. On the top portion you will see the required field to create a tier for your business, please note that tiers are required before you can even upload members on your digital wallet these are the following:

  • Tier Number

  • Tier Name

  • Tier Discount

  • Tier Design

  • And Points Design

  • And after entering the said details, click the create button.

This area also has the Membership Tiers you have already created in the middle portion.

On the top right-hand corner of this area, you have the Archive button which allows you to remove any tiers that is currently inactive.

The Membership Tiers Area Wallet gives you an overview of when the Tier was created and modified, the tier details, and the designs accompanying the said tier.

This is also the area wherein you will see the activity of each tier as there is a column for History and redemptions.