How to Design Your Vouchers

Make your payment items like vouchers and credits stand out

What You Will Learn
Learn about the navigation and features of the Payments Design Page from your Wallet Admin Portal. Understand the features you can modify and change for your Payment Designs in your Business.

What is the Payments Design Page?
The Payment Designs page is where you will go to add branding and design elements to your payment tools (e.g. Static Vouchers, Ad Credits, and Merchant Credits).

Your payment designs are going to be where you can add imagery that supports the offer that you’re sending to your customers.

This page will also be where you name your designs.

Your design names will be what you need to reference in the future as you send out new campaigns and one-off offers.

Excite your audience by applying your company’s branding and style to the discounts provided by the platform.

To help you get started, we created the first few designs for your business. Feel free to customize these or create new ones if you prefer.

Pro tip: Depending on the nature of your company’s offerings, using a background image of your product or service (e.g. a juicy cheeseburger, refreshing beverage, or an attractive resort) can be a useful way to motivate customers, since they can see exactly what you’re promoting. If you’d like some suggestions, please connect with us through the Chat Now feature in the left-hand corner of the page and we’ll gladly give you some recommendations.

Steps on How to Create a Payment Design

  1. Click on Payments
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Then choose Payments Design
  4. It will lead you to this page for the Payment Designs wherein you change and modify the selections according to your preferred color/designs.
  • Design Name
  • Font Type
  • Font Color
  • Border Size
  • Border Type
  • Border Radius
  • Border Color
  • Display Name
  • Displayed Name
  • Abbreviation
  • Acronym
  • Icon
  1. Wallet offers you the option for you to upload your own background design by clicking on “Choose File” in line with the background image option.