How to Setup for Your Numbers (10DLCs)

What You Will Learn
Learn and understand the process on how to generate your own phone number for the SMS and MMS function within Wallet. Wallet offers SMS and MMS features and this is article discusses the steps in generating your own phone number that can be used for the SMS and MMS for your marketing and advertising needs.

This powerful tool can be used to send SMS to your customers, SMS Marketing, reward customers via SMS.

How to generate your own SMS Phone Number

NOTE: Before you undergo the steps below, ensure you have accepted the TCPA compliance form.

  1. Click on image

  2. Choose image

  3. Then Select image

  4. You will see this notification

  5. Click on YES.

Setup your automated responses and legal links

  1. Click on image

  2. Select image

  3. For a specific number you will see the available options.

  4. Select image

  5. You will then see the configuration area where you can customize the message footer, “Help” response, “Stop” response and add URLs for your privacy policy and terms of service.
    This page is also where you will set up your Help desk keyword and auto-response.